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In yesterday’s post we talked about snacking and how important/ necessary healthy snacking is, so we thought we’d give you another recipe for a quick little treat that is so convenient and really easy to make. Like seriously, these things take less than 10min.

The problem is, they’re not the easiest to talk about. They’re… balls. And there really isn’t anything else you can call them.


We make different varieties of these for our mom so she has something small to eat before she runs first thing in the morning, because they’re small enough to tie her over without upsetting her stomach while running. But you can see how they’re difficult to include in a conversation, for example, the other day:

Mom: “Girls! I had a snack before I went running today!”

Us: “Oh really, what did you have?”

Mom: “I had one of your… balls.”

See what we mean? No eloquent way to put it, and no way to be mature about it when spoken of. Because really, what else can you call them? Almond-Coconut Spheres doesn’t even make it sound like food.

So here you have it. Eat our… spheres.

Almond-Coconut Energy Balls


Makes: 10-12

Time: >10min! 🙂


3/4 c. raw almonds

3/4c. dates

1/2 c. rolled oats

1/2 tsp. almond extract

1/3 c. shredded, unsweetened coconut

2 tbsp. water


Pulse the almonds and dates in food processor until mealy. Add rest of ingredients to food processor and  whirl until it packs together easily. Form into 10-12 balls, depending on what size you would like.  Store in airtight container in the fridge.

– twosaucysisters


About twosaucysisters

We are twin sisters who are on a mission to create delicious, healthy food to help others live healthier, happier lives!

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  2. call them bites! I make homemade larabars but roll them into balls because it’s easier…and I just call them larabites. might be easier for your mom to talk about 😉
    great recipe & I’m loving the blog!


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