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Not an Egg Salad Sandwich

The other day, both of us decided that we REALLY wanted an egg salad sandwich for lunch. Unfortunately, making egg salad requires boiling the eggs, waiting for them to cool, taking off the shells… too much time and hassle than we were willing to go through. But we still had this craving that needed to be conquered!


Tofu Egg Salad!

We had half a block of pressed tofu in the fridge, so we thought, why not?

The key to making tofu taste like egg salad is putting the right spices and flavours into it. Does it taste exactly like egg salad? No. But it was pretty close and was too yummy for us not to share it with you!

Tofu “Egg” Salad Sandwich

Prep time: 10min

Makes: 2 sandwiches


1/2 block tofu, pressed

1 tsp prepared mustard

1 tsp dijon mustard

5 tbsp plain thick yogurt

1 tbsp white balsamic vinaigrette

1 tsp rosemary, chopped

1 tsp chives, chopped

dash salt and pepper

chopped sweet peppers (optional)


Crumble tofu into a bowl and add all other ingredients.  Mix with a fork and mash/mix until ingredients are evenly distributed and mixture resembles the texture of egg salad.

Spread half of the mixture onto a slice of bread or bun, top with desired toppings (we put tomato, cucumber and lettuce), top with another slice of bread or half of bun and enjoy! 🙂


About twosaucysisters

We are twin sisters who are on a mission to create delicious, healthy food to help others live healthier, happier lives!

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