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Waste not, Want not

Remember the other day when we made sweet potato gnocchi?

As delicious as this recipe was, it did have one flaw.  It didn’t use the skins on the sweet potatoes! But you didn’t actually think we would just throw away sweet potato skins, did you?  Of course not!  That would be ridiculous.

It is in the skin where most of the fibre is found, as well as a whole bunch of beta-carotene (source), so to just simply throw them out would be such a waste!

No, we could not do that, so instead we made these:

They don’t look like much, but boy were they delicious!  What are they, you ask?  Black bean and quacamole-stuffed sweet potato skins!  They were spicy, creamy, slightly sweet, and very messy.  Seriously, don’t make these for a lunch date when you’re trying to impress someone.  It won’t go over well.

This is also a very easy and quick recipe.  We don’t really have exact measurements, so you can feel free to added however much or little of an ingredient as you like, according to your preferences.

We just ask that you never, under any circumstances, throw out your sweet potato skins ever again!

Black Bean Guacamole-Stuffed Sweet Potato Skins

Time: 10 min


Sweet potato skins

Black beans

diced red bell pepper




in a bowl, mix the black beans, avocado and salsa together.  Spoon filling onto sweet potato skins and fold the skins over like a jacket.  Sprinkle with grated cheese and broil for 5 minutes.  Add other toppings such as yogurt, hot sauce, etc. as desired.


What do you do with your leftovers?

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We are twin sisters who are on a mission to create delicious, healthy food to help others live healthier, happier lives!

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  2. I loe stuffed sweet potatoes! My leftovers are usually turned into work lunches. I like to toss them on top of a salad or with different sauce/seasonings to change it up.


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