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Daily Archives: July 2, 2012

Post Delay

Hello 2SS readers!

This is an apology/promise post for the serious lack of posts in the last few days. Seeing as it was a long weekend this past weekend here in Canada (Woot Canada Day!) we have both been away, up at our friend and teammate’s cottage for a cross country girls cottage weekend!

It was a fabulous weekend, and while we don’t have any pictures at the moment to show you, we can give you a quick recap:

There was swimming, running (a little), tanning, eating, boating, and lots of other fun games.  Along with most of those things alcohol was consumed. It was great!:)

Seeing as this is a food blog, we’re sure you are all wondering what we ate.

We had fajitas, lasagna, eggs, toast, cold-cut sandwiches, gluten free smartie pancakes (yes, smarties!!) because two girls on our team cannot eat gluten, and gluten free carrot cake! Plus chips, jujubes, yogurt covered raisins, and lots of other yummy little treats!

It was a fabulous weekend and it was so great seeing all of these amazing friends again, honestly don’t know what we’d do without them!

From meet in Chicago – not cottage weekend!

Once we have pictures we promise we’ll put some of the more g-rated ones up;)