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Remember way back in July when we posted about our Blueberry Chai Jam, and we talked about how as soon as something that we love but is usually too expensive goes on sale, we buy it? Well it happened again. And this time, it was smoked salmon.

Amazing, right? We obviously freaked out in the grocery store, earning us a few quizzical looks, but I mean, come on! When smoked salmon goes on sale for $2 a package, that warrants jumping up and down, clapping your hands together accompanied by just a little squealing.

3 items come to mind when thinking of smoked salmon:

1) home-made sushi
2) smoked salmon pizza, and
3) smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches

Clearly, the sandwiches were the first to get checked off the list! We’re thinking the pizza will be next…. 🙂

Now, a cucumber and smoked salmon sandwich is not a cucumber and smoked salmon sandwich without one very important ingredient: cream cheese! Unfortunately, cream cheese (while delicious) is not something we buy on a regular basis, and wasn’t something we had in our fridge. We did, however, have cottage cheese! 🙂 Problem solved. Blended cottage cheese=slightly gloppier cream cheese.

If we had thought of it at the time, we would have picked up some pressed cottage cheese when we bought the salmon, because then the consistency would have been a lot more cream cheese-like. But not having the pressed cottage cheese option didn’t hinder the awesome-factor of these sandwiches!

Smoked salmon is made by being soaked in a salt brine and then left in a smoke-filled room for a while, until the fish cures. Around a third of it’s calories comes from the high amount of protein it contains, and smoked salmon is also very high in many of the B-vitamins, particularly B12. One does have to be careful, however, of the high sodium content of this product! (source) To read more about the nutritional value of smoked salmon, go here.

These sandwiches do a great job of highlighting the incredible flavour that smoke salmon has. Paired with the creamy-ness of the cottage cheese and the crispness of the cucumber, they were a real winner!

If you have never tried smoked salmon, we encourage you to do so! We promise you won’t be disappointed. Whether you have tried it before or not, you should make these sandwiches- they’re the most gourmet way to spend a weekday afternoon! 🙂

Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Sandwiches

Prep time: 5min
Serves: 2


1 package of smoked salmon
cucumber slices
1/3 c. cottage cheese, blended until smooth.
4 slices whole wheat bread
ground pepper


Place smoked salmon slices on one slice of bread and top with cucumber slices. Spread the blended cottage cheese on the second slice of bread and make into a sandwich. Slice and enjoy! 🙂


Have you ever had smoked salmon before? What’s your favourite way to have it?


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