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Michigan Race Recap

On Monday, we promised you a recap of our cross country meet in Michigan last Saturday, however Tuesday we couldn’t not post about our Pancake-in-a-jar, and then yesterday was What I Ate Wednesday, so we’re finally getting around to it now!

We left for Michigan on Friday at noon, and it was about a 2.5 hour trip (actually, it ended up being closer to 3, because someone left their passport at home, and we had to go on a giant detour to go get it – one of our coaches ahem ahem!). After a bunch of 7 and 8 hour road trips, this bus ride was a breeze. Or baby food, as our teammate Becky would say!

We stopped at the race course in Farmington Hills, MI, to jog the course and do our race-day warm-ups (stretching, mobility drills, strides…). The race was hosted by Oakland Community College, and was held right on their campus. It was a nice course, a large 4km loop followed by a 1km loop to finish it off. The race director was really excited to show us around the course, and even had the kilometers marked out for us! (Seriously, mile markers mean nothing to us!)

Due to our delay at the beginning, we went straight from the race course to the restaurant for dinner – Sheild’s Restaurant, Bar and Pizzeria. It was so good! Because there was such a large group of us, we were given the option of all paying $10 and getting unlimited pizza and salad. We were both a little bit sketched out by this after the last time we received an offer like this, but this time it turned out to be great! We got to choose any of the pizzas on their menu, as well as build our own. We had a vegetarian, grilled chicken parmesan, Athenian, Polynesian, and BBQ Chicken, as well as building our own pizza. You can order your pizza deep-dish style or a hand tossed round, and multigrain crust is available. We both prefer the round pizzas, but we did try some of the deep-dish, and they were still very good. Our waitress was also excellent – we really have nothing bad to say about the place! If you’re ever in Michigan, we encourage you to try Shield’s!

Our hotel was in Troy, MI – The Somerset Inn. It was a gorgeous hotel, and the staff were extremely kind, happy and helpful! The best part of the hotel was the location – excellent shopping right across the street, and a Whole Foods less than 2km away!

We were prepared to walk with a couple of the other girls, but then the most adorable concierge ever offered to drive us in the hotel van – for free! He even waited for “his beautiful girls” while we were shopping! How cute is that? We made sure to give him a tip. 🙂

We had to practice extreme constraint while shopping, however we did come out with a few purchases:

Raspberry yogurt covered pretzels – we love the original, but these ones were pink!

Pumpkin Spice Clif Bars!! This was so exciting for us, because you can’t get this flavour in Canada!

Nature’s Path Carrot Cake Love Crunch Granola – we’ve heard lots of bloggers rave about Love crunch, so when we saw it in the flavour of one of our favourite desserts, we had to buy it! We were not disappointed! 🙂

Other purchases included yogurt and trail mix. Like we said – extreme constraint!

On to the main event! Saturday morning was the race, so we headed over to the course to warm up and such. That’s when we had a lovely surprise – our parents showed up! 🙂 We had no idea they were coming!

The actual race was probably the weirdest we’ve ever been in – there were only like, 40 people in the race! The race director told us the field was much bigger this year. He lied. He also told us it was a slow course, which is why last year’s winning time was 19min. He lied again. Needless to say, despite the rain, our team took positions 1-13 in that race. The start was also strange, we were all ready to go, and then had to wait 15min for a team that was still in the gym, despite it being race time (hellooo – start without them!!). The “team” ended up being 2 girls. Instead of a gun, he called out “ready, set..” and then rang a cow bell. The bell was too quiet, however, so he yelled “Go!” instead. So. Strange. We both had good races, though, and it was sort of a fun, really chill race to do before going to provincial championships next weekend.

We wore pink ribbons in our hair instead of purple for this race, in support of breast cancer. 🙂

Warming up

After the race, they provided us with pizza, except our mom made us one of her famous chicken sandwiches, so we ate those instead! Deeee-licious! 🙂

Instead of going home on the team bus, we drove home with our parents, who took us out to dinner! We went to the only burger place in London we haven’t tried yet – The Bungalow Neighborhood Hub. It was SO GOOD. We both ordered buffalo burger patties, topped with grilled mushrooms and onions, fresh arugula, Gruyere cheese, and gingered honey mustard (yes, they have that!). Brittany had a roasted red pepper on hers, and I had fresh basil on mine. Served on a sourdough bun with a garden salad on the side – it was an incredible meal! If you’re ever near a  Bungalow’s, we highly recommend you go in!

The rest of our weekend was pretty boring, a long run and then studying. We did, however, go on a tea date with this girl. Definitely the highlight of our Sunday!

We have this weekend off from racing, but we already have some plans that promise to make this weekend a good one! 🙂



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  3. That Cliff bar flavour looks delish! Will have to track one down someday.
    I tried this Love Crunch flavour the other week from Loblaws, SO tasty!!

    • I know, right?!? SO GOOD. Yes I’m pretty much positive they only sell their seasonal flavours in the states, definitely worth the hunt though! It was spicy, in that cinnamony-nutmegy kinda way. Delish, in our opinions! 🙂


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