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The Works Restaurant Review

You know how in any workout regiment, you always have those workouts that you dread? Ones that are so long, so tough, or so difficult that just thinking about them makes your lungs burn and your body tired?

We had one of those workouts yesterday.

Every cross country season, our coach has us do 2 VO2 max workouts. VO2 max stands for maximal oxygen uptake, so a VO2 Max workout is pushing us to our oxygen threshold.  The goal of a VO2 max workout is to push us past that threshold so that we can increase our VO2 max, making us stonger, better and more efficient runners. (All that info was courtesy of our roommate, Emily, who is a Kinesiology student, but you can also go here for more info).At least, that’s what our coach tells us, we think he just like torturing us sometimes! (Haha – just kidding Guy!)

Our workout consisted of a 5km warmup (we actually run out of London), five 1km repeats at our max, strides afterwards, and then a 5km cool down. So basically, we’re completely dead after. Shaky legs? Yes.

Naturally, we need to make sure we refuel well after a workout such as this, and one of the girls had the genius idea of going to The Works after practise.

Gourmet burgers? We are sold! Pretty much our team’s favourite restaurant. It’s an awesome place! You have your choice between ground beef, turkey or elk, as well as a whole chicken breast, veggie burger, or portabella mushroom cap. All 100% Canadian and gluten free. Of course, we both got elk!

Often when we say that, people cringe, however Elk, as well as other “wild beef” is extremely nutritious, and so so good! Elk is leaner than beef, and is higher in protein, iron, the B-vitamins, and also contains a host of other vitamins and minerals. To read more about the benefits of elk, go here.

The second step at the works is to choose your actual burger. They have over 70 combinations, broken up into 7 categories – Top 10 Burgerhead Faves, Born to be Wild, Gettin’ Saucy, ‘Cuz We Like it Hot, Carnivore’s Corner, Veg Out and World Tour. The last time we went, both of us got the Sweet Ride from the Born to be Wild section – caramelized onions, grilled pear and brie cheese – It was unreal! This time, we both got the Down Under from the world tour (unintentionally ordered the same thing, we swear!) – caramelized onion, egg, beets, grilled pineapple and gouda cheese, except we both had it sans-egg. It was so good! We don’t know which one we liked better, they were both equally amazing!

The Sweet Ride

The Down Under – aweful picture, we know!

Once you’ve chosen your patty and burger, you have to choose your bun and side. For buns, they have the option of white, whole wheat, and gluten free. We both got the whole wheat, which was excellent, and according to the girls who can’t eat gluten on our team, the gf bun was great as well!

They have lots of options for sides, such as salads, steamed broccoli, sweet potato fries and regular fries, mashed potatoes, etc. There were no complaints about any of the sides from anyone at our table, that’s for sure!

Many of the girls got milkshakes, as well, which are served in measuring cups! (Wanted to take one home, refrained.).

Our final grade for the works? A+! They have excellent food, excellent service, and a great atmosphere. With something for everyone, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give this restaurant a try! 🙂

Body= refueled.



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  3. I’ve been really wanting to go there! I love elk, so I would definitely get that. And those topping combinations sound amazing!

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