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The Gourmet Deli: Restaurant Review

Want to know what one of our all-time favourite meals is?

We’ll give you a couple hints:

-It’s quick
-It’s simple
– It’s warm and comforting
– It’s really, really tasty!

It’s (drum roll…) Soup and Sandwich! 🙂

Which is why went here:


This place is the soup and sandwich connoisseur’s paradise! They have so many choices of sandwiches! From multiple chicken varieties to beef to pulled pork, smoked salmon, tuna, egg, veggie and more, this shop’s got it all!

GourmentDeli sandy

It’s located on the corner of Richmond Street and Picadilly, inside an office building (where a few of London’s radio stations are located), so you can’t even see it from the street! It’s in the lower level, so there is no door directly to it from the outside. Since it’s in the lower level, there are no windows, so what did they do instead? They put pictures of windows on the walls! Cute, right? 😉

We ordered the Hickory BBQ chicken sandwich on a ciabatta bun. It had chicken breast, hickory smoked bbq sauce, mushrooms and mozarella cheese. We then added bell peppers, hot peppers and lettuce. It was smoky and delicious!

We also ordered the Chicken Waldorf on a ciabatta. It had chicken breast, apple slices, walnuts, vidalia sauce (besides vidalia onions, we have no idea what else went into that sauce, but we do know that it was awesome!) and mozarella cheese. We put cucumber, sprouts and honey mustard. It was heaven! One of the things we really enjoyed about these sandwiches was nothing was over done – not too much cheese, or too much of any-one other ingredient.

With our sandwiches, we both ordered the Tomato Basil soup, which trust us, is just as good as it sounds!

The service was also superb – the two guys behind the counter were very friendly and helpful (they offered us the key to the bathroom and let us go through the employee entrance 😉 ).

Although we took no pictures (we have ancient phones and our small digital camera is out of commission), we promise you if you go there you will not be disappointed!

We left the Deli with empty plates and happy bellies! 🙂


Have you been to any good restaurants lately?


About twosaucysisters

We are twin sisters who are on a mission to create delicious, healthy food to help others live healthier, happier lives!

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  1. LOVE quick and easy… DELICIOUS places! 🙂 I have my SPOT right around the bend near my apartment that I frequent at least 2x a week, if NOT MORE lol!!! It’s called Echi Sushi! I go so much, I have two headshots on the wall and the moment I enter the restaurant, they have my order cooking LOL!!

  2. There’s a new thai place that’s opened up near our house that my bf and I have been to a few times and it is really nice. There is also a Vietnamese place near my work that there is always a line of about 20 people waiting unless you go at 11.30am but it is so worth it to wait or have an early lunch 🙂


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