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Why we Love Mother’s Day

We know today is normally Simple Sunday, but this week we’re doing things a little differently.  We’ve had a pretty crazy weekend so far, having had quite possibly the largest garage sale in the history of garage sales yesterday plus a good 9-hour shift at work followed by an over-night baby sitting job.  Yes, we’re a little tired.

But today is not about us- today is all about our mother!  Because seriously, folks, we have the best mother out there!

Ok ok, we know what you’re thinking- everyone says that about their mother, so there’s no way you have the best mother in the world.

And you’re right. But the thing is, we have the best mother we’ve ever had, and it may sound cliche, but even if we had been given our choice of all the mothers in the world, we couldn’t have chosen anyone better than the one we were lucky enough to get.  She truly is a marvelous women who has been an inspiration to us our whole lives.  She has loved us more than we can really comprehend, and has done so much for us that is above and beyond what a mother is required to do for her children.

And that is why we love to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Yes, we understand that some people don’t have mothers.  We understand that some people have mothers who did not show them the love that our mother has shown to us, and we also realize that there are women out there who wanted to be mothers but who were unable to so.  We understand that for these people mother’s day might be a sad day for them, and if you are in that position we want you to know how incredibly sorry we are for you- we can’t imagine what life would be like without having our mother by our side the entire time, supporting us, loving us, and helping us along.

But it is for those reasons that we celebrate Mother’s Day.  We both feel incredibly blessed to have such an incredible women in our lives who loves us so unconditionally, and we feel that it is our privilege to take a special day every year to show our mother how much we love her, and we believe that she deserves this day.  Not that Mother’s day is the only day when we should do something special for our mothers to show them we love them, but this day is an extra-special day for us to celebrate these amazing women.

So today, instead of spending a whole bunch of time on a computer editing photos and writing out recipes, we are going to step back from everything and spend some time celebrating our beautiful mother.

We hope that for everyone who has a mother (or mother-figure) in their lives that they take the time to thank her today and do something special for her, too.

we love our mamma

Happy Mother’s day, mom- we love you!




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We are twin sisters who are on a mission to create delicious, healthy food to help others live healthier, happier lives!

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  1. Aww what a beautiful post. Your mum sounds amazing 🙂


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