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Hi everyone!

Twin #2!

I’m Brittany, the second half (yes, I’m the younger sister!) of Two Saucy Sisters.

I have loved cooking and baking for as long as I can remember, and even as a small child, my mom would allow Julie and I to help her in the kitchen preparing meals and snacks.  I always got such a feeling of accomplishment whenever I made something, and some of my fondest childhood memories were the times I spent cooking and baking with my mom and sister.

My parents always taught us the importance of a healthy lifestyle, and naturally I became more and more interested in nutrition as I got older.  Today, I love creating delicious food from healthy ingredients for my entire family to enjoy (and I know they love it, too!)

My other passion, running, took a little longer to catch on.

Gotta love the stank face

I always loved sports, but running just wasn’t really my thing.  However, with a mother who was an avid marathon-runner, I was bound to catch the bug sooner or later!  Julie was the first of the two of us to start running, and with the two of them doing it, I didn’t want to be left out.  And you know what?  The more I ran, the more I fell in love with it! Funny how that works.

Anyways, I’m glad you’ve stopped by our corner of the blog world, and I really hope you enjoy!


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  1. For some reason I only stumbled on your bios today! Given your athletic ability, I thought you started running from a very young age. It is inspiring to know that you worked for the ability. It gives a non-runner, but “aspiring runner” such as myself, hope for the future! 🙂 I love your blog. Great job Brittany. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Molly! I hope I can be an inspiration to you (and many others, of course! :)). I truly believe that anyone can run (or do some other kind of activity) and learn to love it! I am living testament to that 🙂 If you ever want advice or encouragement- I’m your girl 😉


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