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Hey there!

Twin #1

I’m Julie, the older (though shorter) sister.  I love eating, running, dancing, singing, beaches and travelling. I’m obsessed with avocados and sweet potatoes, and prefer to never go more than a day or two without bananas. I fully believe that healthy food can be just as delicious even yummier than unhealthy food,  and I enjoy a good challenge, so making healthy food that’s to die for is one of my favourite things – next to eating it, of course!

CIS 2011

Then there’s the running- I adore it. I usually take one day off a week, and by the end of that day I’m always super stoked for my run the next day! My mom has been running for my entire life, so when the cross country permission form came around in grade 3, I was all over that! Since then, I have been falling in love with the sport more and more. Seriously, I think it could be classified as an addiction!

That’s me in a nutshell, I’m glad you took the time to read! I hope you enjoy mine and Brit’s blog! 🙂

-Julie 😀

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  1. I totally agree. I only started to run this year, and now with the “warmer” (Well not that warmer) weather I am enjoying running outside. Sometimes I have to take breaks to walk, but exercise is truly an addiction! Not going to lie, I thought you might be the younger of the two, but hey, height isn’t everything. I love where you have taken this blog. Reading it is also an addiction!

    • Thanks Molly! 🙂 That’s awesome that you’ve started running, it always helps me relieve stress, clear my head and think, not to mention really helps in the confidence department! And no worries about walk breaks – my Mom started out walk-running, and now she’s run 7 marathons! Baby steps. 🙂

  2. Auntie Shelley

    oh I’m so excited!!!!! Here I am and here you are! Yes, it’s auntie Shelley trying to figure out how to send LOve, Love, Love to you both. I have never answered a blog before but your mom told me about twosaucysisters so I am trying it here at our friend’s house. I hope you are both having a great summer and I can’t wait until you come out west here to visit… or maybe live or work or something!!!! I have been bragging about you both to all my friends and have your pictures on my fridge at home. Anyhoo, love to you both (hugs to Brendan and Jordan please) I will try this again when we get home from camping on mycomputer so you can answer me back but for now just know I am so proud of you both and LOve you a ton!
    Auntie Shelley
    P.S. Brittany.. I hope you are doing the driving and keeping Julie out of jail. He He.


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