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1 Year Recap: Recipe Round-Up

In light of our recent one-year blogiversary celebration, we thought it would be appropriate to do a recipe round-up of some (emphasis on the “some”) of our favourite/most popular recipes from this past year.  Since we can’t just choose a few, though, we’ve broken it down into categories.  Enjoy!


Since breakfast is pretty much our favourite meal of the day, we had a lot of trouble choosing our favourite recipes, but here are the ones that made the cut:


Chocolate-Banana Upside-down Pancakes

We made these for a crowd a few weeks ago when our family had a giant garage sale along with a few other types of pancakes, but these were the hands-down favourite.  This just confirms in our minds that everyone loves chocolate, peanut butter and banana.


Banana-Stuffed French toast with English “Cream”

After making this stuffed french toast recipe, we’re not sure if we can ever eat regular french toast ever again.  And as if that’s not enough, we also have a blueberry-lemon version and an apple pie version to satisfy all your stuffed french toast needs!


Banana Waffles

If pancakes aren’t your thing, well, you’re crazy, but maybe the satisfying toasty crunch of waffles is more up your alley? Regardless, you should make these right away.  Added bonus- make these in the morning and your house will smell like delicious waffles right through into the afternoon!


Orange Strawberry Banana Pancake in a Jar

Ever since our very first peanut butter banana pancake in a jar, we’ve made countless varieties of the genius creation, but this particular version quickly rose to the top as one of our favourites.  Probably because it’s so pretty- just look at those bright colours!


Red Velvet Buckwheat Bake 

We love buckwheat bakes, but not only was this one of our all-time favourite versions, this was definitely a reader favourite too!  And who doesn’t want to eat red velvet cake for breakfast?


Peach Raspberry Overnight Oats Parfait

Summer is on it’s way, which means so is summer fruit!  You can be sure that overnight oats parfaits will be on the breakfast menu for us now that the weather is warming up, and as soon as peach season hits we’ll be re-making this wondrous parfait!



Pizza Crepes

It’s pizza and a crepe at the same time.  What more needs to be said?


Szechuan Chickpea Patties

Peanutty chickpea goodness all wrapped up in one delicious vegetarian burger. Yum!DSCN5182

Chipotle Chicken Wraps

Creamy spicy chicken inspired by one of our favourite on-the-go store-bought lunches.  A healthier version of an old stand-by?  Yes please!



Baked Salmon with Strawberry Basil Rice Pilaf and Strawberry Avocado Salsa

This dish is summery, pretty, healthy and delicious.  You really can’t ask for anything more now can you?


Caramelized Onion BBQ Chicken Pizza

Pizza is the perfect food.  And if it’s possible to improve on perfection, then this pizza definitely did!  We loved it, our family loved it- ladies and gents, we have a winner!


Noodle Bowl

Countless variations of these were consumed to ward off the chill during the extra-long winter we had this year.  Highly recommended when you find yourself in need of a comforting bowl of warmth on a cold winter night!


Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork

We do not love pork, but we love this meal!  But if pork really isn’t your thing, maybe pulled chicken would suit you better?


Sweet Potato Mango Lentil Curry

Nothing beats a hearty bowl of curry, but this meatless variety that’s full of veggies, sweet potatoes and chunks of sweet mango really takes the cake!



Caper Cranberry Tapenade

These sweet-and salty crisps are perfect for a little appetizer.  Highly recommended for all those summer dinner parties you’re planning on having 😉


Home Fries

Everyone loves home fries, and these ones use a simple trick to make them nice and crispy every time.


Easy Greek Salad

Even if you’re not having a Greek-themed feast you should make this salad!  Tangy and colourful, it’s a nice break from a traditional garden side-salad.


Slow-Cooker Baked Beans

Baked Beans in the slow cooker are an easy way to enjoy the tasty side dish with hardly any effort.


Roasted Fall Veggie Salad

Roasted vegetables are one of the best things in the world- no exaggeration! And yes, we realize that asparagus is not a Fall vegetable, but that is a minor detail.  We made a roasted vegetable salad and it was the Fall, ergo Roasted Fall Veggie salad.



Apple Butter

Quite possibly one of the easiest recipes in the entire world with only four ingredients and two steps (ok 3 if you count chopping the apples).  And no added sugar- just pure apple-y goodness!


Salsa Chipotle Hummus

Obviously you knew a hummus recipe was bound to make it on to our list.  And to be honest, we put up this recipe not because it’s our favourite, but more as a representation of all our hummus recipes, because how can you really choose just one when they’re all incredible?  You can’t.


Beet and Feta Bean Dip

Ok, so this dip is very similar to a hummus recipe- but it is so good that it needed to be recognized all on its own.  Even if you don’t like beets we bet you would like this dip!  It doesn’t really taste like beets, and it has an amzing bright pink colour.  Who wouldn’t want to eat bright pink food?


Chai-Spiced Blueberry Jam

Fresh blueberry jam with a spicy twist.  Slather on toast, pancakes, waffles, or eat straight from the jar with a spoon.  However you go about it- you must try this jam!


Cafe Latte Almond Butter

Its a rich, creamy almond butter that tastes like coffee- Java lovers unite!


Vegan Cheese Sauce

This sauce is so good you’ll want to put it on everything.  And we promise no one will ever know there’s no cheese in it.



Fig Newtons

These are the best when you need a quick pre-run snack, or you need something small to tie you over until your next meal.  And they’re whole wheat, sugar-free, and delicious!


Kale Chips

Quite possibly the most addicting snack ever.


Chocolate Chip Lentil Granola Bars

Want a hearty, chewy granola bar?  Add lentils- simple as that.


Roasted Chickpeas

If you’re in need of a crunchy snack, nothing will satisfy that craving better than these chickpeas.  We recommend you never allow your pantry to be without a jar of them.


Lemon Coconut Muffins

Muffins are always fantastic snacks, and these ones are some of the softest, most pillow-like muffins we’ve ever had.  The lemon adds some zing and makes them almost refreshing, if it’s possible for a muffin to be that way!



Chocolate Fudge Black Bean Brownies

We’ve had several people make this recipe and rave about it!  But if you’re in the gluten-intolerant crowd, never fear, our gluten-free red velvet brownies are sure to squash any brownie craving.


Chewy Ginger Snaps

Don’t wait for the Christmas season to make these, they’re too tasty to only have once a year!


Pumpkin Rice Pudding

Here’s another one that should not be held off until the appropriate season.  Because really, is there truly a season for delicious, thick and creamy rice pudding?  We like to think that sort of thing is a year-round treat.


Vegan Zucchini Bread Cheese Cake

Who ever said vegans can’t have cheesecake has clearly never tried vegan cheesecake.  Oh well, their loss!

We also want to give honourable  mention to our chocolate cake from our anniversary post.  We didn’t include it in today’s round-up because we just wrote about it, but it needed to be mentioned!


So there you have have it- quite possibly the longest post ever written, but maybe the most delicious? 😉

We hope you find something on this round-up that catches your eye, and that you have been enjoying the recipes we’ve been posting all year.  If there’s something that you’d like us to make, please feel free to leave a comment or send us an email ( – we love hearing from you!

Cheers to a great year!


Simple Sunday: Smoothie

Today is Simple Smoothie Sunday! (Say that ten times fast!)


We have had more than one request for a smoothie recipe, and today we are finally honoring our multiple promises to put one on the blog- and with the weather finally starting to warm up, now is the perfect time for it! 🙂


Because while cold weather makes you want to tuck into a nice, warm bowl of oatmeal, warmer temperatures call for a nice cold, thick and creamy smoothie!


So let’s go over why smoothies are so awesome:

1. They’re so customize-able!  You can use any variety of fruit or yogurt, milk or juice, you can even throw some veggies in there!  The sky is the limit!
2. They’re delicious.  Honestly, if Orange Julius can base their entire (successful!) business of of them, they must be good, right?  Because who doesn’t love a thick, creamy drink that’s actually good for them?  Which leads us to our third point…
3. They’re healthy! (Well, most of the time…) And they make great post-workout snacks, and of course, amazing breakfasts, too!
4. If you do it right, they taste almost as good as milk shakes 😉
5. Oh, and we already mentioned it, but they’re so easy!


So in celebration of the the much-anticipated and long-awaited arrival of spring, dust off that blender and pour yourself a nutrient-packed smoothie!

Basic Smoothie


Prep Time: 5 min
Serves: 2 medium smoothies (or one very large one!)


1 banana
1 c. frozen fruit (any kind!)
2/3 c. yogurt (plain, vanilla, fruit-flavoured, etc.)
1 c. milk (or juice, or half-juice half-milk)


Throw everything into the blender and blend until it’s nice and smooth!

Optional Add-ins:

-spinach (yes, you can add up to a cup of spinach to this recipe without even tasting it!  Try it, you’ll suprise yourself!)
– protein powder (this makes for a great post-workout shake.  You may have to add a little extra liquid, depending on the protein powder you use)
– spices (try cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, etc.)
– avocado (half an avocado makes this smoothie super creamy, and adds some healthy fats)
-Oats (for some whole grains to make this a meal- you’ll just have to add some extra liquid!)
– Fresh Fruit if you don’t have frozen- you just might want to add some ice so your smoothie will still be cold


What is your favourite, go-to smoothie recipe?

Holiday Recap

Over the Christmas holidays, we pretty much dropped the ball with the whole blogging thing. Originally, we thought we’d have plenty of time once exams were over to give you guys some quality recipes, but we couldn’t have been more wrong! Our holidays were jam-packed from start to finish! We didn’t even have time to do too much baking or cooking let alone blog about it. At first, we were a little worried about it, we didn’t want to let down our readers or be forgotten in the blog world. We quickly realized, however, that there was no point in worrying about it. The holidays are a time to relax, rejuvenate and spend time with family and friends – and spend that we did! We will start at the beginning:

After our last exam, our Mom came to London, where we order pizza from Panago. They make seriously good pizza! Their multigrain crust is delicious, no too thin and not too thick. They have 6 categories to choose from: Frugal Favourites, Vegetariano, Carne, Pollo, Oceano, and Create your own. They have 5 crust options (including gluten-free), really cool sauce ideas (hello sweet+smoky tropical, chipotle cilantro, coconut curry and BBQ!), plenty of cheese options and tons of toppings! Needless to say, it was delicious!

After coming home for a couple of days, we actually headed back to London because a couple friends who have been in British Colombia and England were going to be in town, so we went to see them. It’s always fun seeing friends you haven’t seen in a long time! 🙂

Once we got back from London for the second time, we had a lot of work to do – last-minute Christmas shopping and holiday bread baking type work! We are always in charge of baking the rolls for our Dad’s family’s Christmas lunch/dinner.

DSCN4345Multigrain and white! (Gotta please everybody.)

Christmas day in our house always starts with a light breakfast of homemade bread, fruit salad and yogurt. We like to save room for all the food that’s coming! Once we open gifts with just our parents and brothers, we head over to my Aunt’s house for Christmas lunch.


Hot Apple Cider, Egg Nog, punch and grapes before lunch, followed by a HUGE lunch – turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, squash, brussel sprouts, bean salad, corn and peas, rolls, orange-glazed sweet potatoes (definitely remaking this gem!), cranberry sauce, pickles, turnip (not a fan), cole slaw…. it goes on and on! Unfortunately, this is when our camera died, so the rest of the day went un-pictured. But don’t worry – there were LOTS of desserts! 🙂 Mince pie, cheesecake, chocolate pudding cake, key lime pie, candy cane ice cream, some sort of chocolate square and more. We always like to go for a walk with our Dad after (get those digestive juices going!) and then later on we had a “dinner” of cheese and crackers, leftover turkey, fruit and cookies. Lots and lots of cookies! Our Aunt is kind of a master baker – nothing she ever makes is short of amazing!

Boxing day is our Christmas dinner with our Mom’s side of the family. This year it was particularly special, because for the first time in probably 18 years, all three of our mom’s brothers were here at the same time. We have an uncle in New York, one on Victoria Island, B.C., and another in Golden B.C. It was so special to have all of them here, including two of our cousins from B.C., and of course my mom’s sister and her family who still leave here in Ontario.

DSCN4470 DSCN4459

Grandma and all of her children! :)

Grandma and all of her children! 🙂

And of course, we ate lots of food, too! We had regular and bacon mashed-potatoes, candied yams, biscuits and rolls, two kinds of cranberry sauce, our cheesy brussel sprouts, turkey, stuffing, our Christmas Salad… food food food!

DSCN4364 DSCN4365


And wine. 🙂

DSCN4430 DSCN4445

Fielding Estates Fireside White – a blend of several of their best whites, it is so good! And also Angles Gate Cab-Merlot. Huge fans of Angles Gate, also!
To finish it off, dessert!

DSCN4436 DSCN4437 DSCN4438 DSCN4439 DSCN4442 DSCN4444

Kawartha Dairy ice cream – I don’t know where my Aunt got it, but it’s seriously some of the best ice cream ever! We always get it at training camp every year, we didn’t know it was available in Southern Ontario! No Christmas dinner would be complete without our traditional eggnog trifle, and these pink squares are a requirement every year. We don’t actually know what they are called, we just know that they are pink and they are delicious! We made our own peppermint chocolate version of these brownies (unreal!), lots of cookies and Misty Mints. Because who doesn’t love misty mints?

The rest of our holiday was family family family… and running. We went shopping, ran, watched movies, ran, went to cousin’s hockey games, ran, ate dinners, ran… you get the picture! On one of our cousin’s last night, we went to John and Son’s Oyster House in Toronto where we tried oysters and Lobster for the first time! The Oysters were good, however we think we’ll have to have them a few more times before we’re used to the texture. The lobster, however, was divine! We were a little squeemish about the little claws sticking out, but the actual meat was so tasty! We are fans of the lobster.

john and sons

Before we knew it, it was New Years Eve! Us, our brothers and cousin decided this year to join a few friends of ours down in London to celebrate. We had a potluck to which we brought turkey chili, gluten free corn bread, hummus and veggies, and gluten free sugar cookies. We promise we will re-make the sugar cookies and take pictures for you, because they were awesome! 🙂

After New Years, things were pretty low-key, still lots of running and hanging with the family that was still in Ontario. On our cousin Geoff’s last night, a group of us headed to Pepperwood Bistro in Burlington for a farewell dinner. We are 100% going back to this restaurant. It. Was. Unreal! It was so good, in fact, that we are not going to say much about it in this post, because it deserves it’s own! Another restaurant review is coming right up!

We came back to London on Sunday evening, and second semester started the next day. The first dinner back is always a little sad, because we’re missing our dad and brothers dinner conversation and our special girls-night dinners with our mom. One of our teammates had a brilliant idea, however, that saved us from this heartache! She suggested a team dinner at our favourite restaurant – The Works! This time we ordered the Stockyard burger and the Olive Oyl, both elk patties and on whole wheat buns. The Olive Oyl had warm spinach, fresh tomato, garlic, feta and black olives. It was very tasty and we’d recommend it to any olive lover! The Stockyard, however, was on an entirely different level. Crusted with peppercorns, with a dijon-haze sauce and melted swiss cheese, it was heaven in a burger! It was so peppery – almost spicy! It was definitely right up there with the Sweet Ride and Hunka Hunka Burnin Love.

So that’s the long and, well, long of our Christmas holidays! While we miss our family, we do love it here in London and are really excited about out classes this term, as well as the Track season ahead. We have our first track meet this weekend, wish us luck! 🙂


Training Camp Treats

I think now is as good a time as any to tell you all that Julie and I will be somewhat M.I.A this coming week.

Tomorrow morning we are heading up north to cross country training camp! 😀

What is that, you ask?  It’s basically an exhausting week of running, swimming, games, and all-around fun for all members of the cross country team!  The camp is way up north where the only radio station is Moose Head Radio, gas costs $1.35/L, and the hills are pretty much small mountains.  I know i’m not exactly painting a pretty picture of the week for you, but it actually is really fun!

And like I said, it’s also very exhausting.  Not only do we do “doubles” (ie- we run twice) on several of the days, but pile that together with canoeing, swimming, beach volley ball, ultimate frisbee, and a whole bunch of other camp-type games, you can imagine that by the end of the week we’re all pretty tired!

I’m sure you can also appreciate in these circumstances how important it is to be getting proper amounts of fuel and nutrition during the week, to keep our energy levels up so we can participate in a ll the activities.  The cooks at camp do a great job at keeping us well-fed at mealtimes (save for one incident last year when they served us extremely salty rocks that apparently were supposed to be muffins), but with all of our running around it’s really important to have snacks in between meals.  So this week Julie and I have been in the kitchen whipping up some healthy treats to bring with us to camp.

We had a few criteria that these snacks had to meet in order for us to bring them to camp, and they were as follows:

They must be portable- granola bars that crumble apart when you pick them up are not practical.
They must not need refrigeration- we’re staying in an A-frame cabin, ie- no mini-fridge!
They must be filling- we need snacks that are going to sustain us between meals!
They must be healthy- we know that some of the food we’ll be eating at camp isn’t going to be all that healthy (think Kawartha dairy ice cream and s’mores!) so we want our snacks to pack a solid nutrition punch 🙂

So here’s one of the experiments that passed the test:

We’ve decided to call them fruit-and-nut energy bars.  They are sort of like our own version of the oh-so-popular Lara Bars.

There was really no method that went into creating these.  We had no real flavour in mind that we wanted to achieve, and no real texture preferences, other than the fact that we wanted them to hold together well, so there was not a whole lot of pressure on the things turning out in any particular way.

We just basically looked in our pantry, pulled out a bunch of different dried fruits and nuts, threw some stuff in our food processor, et voila, a healthy, portable, tasty energy bar!

So now I’m off to the kitchen to help Julie make a few more snacks to take with us to camp, but make sure you keep stopping by next week, because we have a few guest posts lined up from some lovely ladies, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out!

Fruit and Nut No-Bake Energy Bars

Time: 10 min

Makes: 8 bars


1/3 c. raw almonds
1/3 c. raw walnuts
1/3 c. raw cashews
1/3 c. raisins
1/3 c. dates
1/3 c. dried cranberries
1/2 c. oats
2 tbsp sesame seeds
2 tbsp flax seeds
1 tbsp hemp hearts
2 tsp lemon juice
1 tbsp apple butter (or date paste!)
1 tsp vanilla extract


Grind oats in the food processor until they are mostly flour, but with a little bit of texture left.  Add in the nuts and blend until the nuts are all finely chopped.  Add dried fruit, flax seeds, sesame seeds and hemp hearts and blend until the mixture starts to become crumbly, and sticks together when pinched.  Add all other ingredients and blend until the mixture begins to stick together on its own.

Line a 9×5 inch pan (we used a loaf pan) with wax paper.  Pour the mixture into the pan and press firmly into the bottom.  Place in the refrigerator to allow it to firm up a bit, then cut into bars.


Do you ever go camping?  What kind of snacks do you bring when you know there won’t be refrigerators to keep them in?

Get Fresh

Hello, beautiful.

Summertime in Niagara is the best.  No matter where you go, there are fruit stands lining the streets with baskets full of freshly-picked produce.  There’s pretty much a farmers market going on everyday somewhere in the region, and if you’re lucky, maybe even your next door neighbour has their own little patch growing and they’re willing to share!

If you’re planning a trip to the Niagara region, you should definitely check out some of the awesome pick-your-own fruit farms.  Here’s a list of some of the farms in the area:

Niagara-on-the-Lake: Nokara Farms, Meyers Farms, Sunnybrook Farm, Quiet Acres

Beamsville: Cherry Avenue Farms, Angel’s Place, Warner’s Farm

Vineland: Kar-Dean Fruit Farms, Peach Country Farm Market

Winona: Puddicombe Farms

Smithville: Lincoln Line Orchards

Jordan: Thiessen Farms

Stoney Creek: Green Mountain Farm

Binbrook: Murphy’s Country Produce, Tigchelaar Berry Farms

Fonthill: Howell Pumpkin Farm

St. Catharines: Whitty Farms, White Meadows Farms, Lake Land Meats and Farm Market

Dunnville: Richardson’s Farm and Market

We could go on and on, but you can find a complete list of pretty much all the farms in Ontario here.

Needless to say, when it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables, we’ve got a huge selection here in Niagara!  Another reason why summer is the best  time of the year!

And what better way to showcase perfectly ripe, fresh fruit than in a breakfast parfait?

No tampering, just letting their freshness shine through.  This particular parfait was fashioned after Angela’s creations.  The oats are flavoured with fresh raspberries and our raspberry coconut jam, and it’s layered with peach-banana soft serve.

We’ve done several parfaits before, some layered with tofu mousse, some with yogurt, but layering with banana soft serve has got to be our favourite way to have a breakfast parfait!  The ice cream-like consistency gives the parfait a dessert-like quality, and who doesn’t want dessert for breakfast?

Just look at all that fruit!

Nothing beats fresh-picked fruit. Nothing. Sometimes in the middle of winter we think we trick ourselves into thinking that the berries that we’re buying at the grocery store are really fresh tasting and have a ton of flavour, but then summer comes, and we wonder why we even bothered wasting our money!

So go and get fresh- fruit that is 😉

Peach Raspberry Overnight Oats Parfait

Time: 10 min + overnight

Serves: 1

For the Oats:

1/2 c. rolled oats

1 tbsp chia seeds (or 2 tbsp ground flax)

1 tbsp slightly crushed raspberries

1 tbsp raspberry jam

1/2 c. milk

1/4 c. peach juice

For the soft serve:

1/2 peach, frozen

1/2 banana, frozen


The night before, combine all oat ingredients, cover and place in the fridge.

In the morning, place frozen peach and banana in the food processor and blend until smooth.

In a glass or jar, place a few spoonfuls of the oat mixture. Top with a few spoonfuls of the soft serve, more diced peaches and/or raspberries, and more jam.  Repeat this process until you run out of everything.  Top with additional fruit, nuts, yogurt, etc. if desired.


Have you ever visited the Ontario Green Belt in the Summer before?

And We’re Off…

So this is it: Our first post!

And we’re really excited. 🙂

Two Saucy Sisters is a healthy food blog, so that’s mostly what you’re going to see! Sometimes we’ll write a post together (like this one!) and sometimes we’ll post individually.

Seeing as this is our first post, we thought we’d start out with the first meal of the day: Breakfast!

We LOVE breakfast, it might even be our favourite meal of the day.  Honestly, it blows both of our minds how some people can go without breakfast – now that we think about it, neither of us have ever skipped breakfast, ever! As foods and nutrition students, we’ve really learned the importance of a healthy breakfast.  It jump-starts your metabolism and helps to curb cravings and feel satisfied throughout the day.  Numerous studies have all shown that eating a healthy breakfast improves performance at school and in the workplace. So why not start your day with something healthy and delicious?

So today we have a deeelicious recipe to share with you: Breakfast Quesadillas.

Yes, you heard us correctly.  Now, I’m sure when you hear the word quesadilla, the first things that come to your mind are probably cheese, sour cream, salsa, some peppers and maybe a little green onion.  However, as much as both of us LOVE vegetables, cheese, and salsa, (and we mean love), the thought of munching on some broccoli at 7 am just doesn’t get our stomachs grumbling. So instead of stuffing our tortilla with vegetablely-goodness, we pack ours with cottage cheese and nut butter. Hold on, didn’t we just say we don’t like cheese in the morning? Yes, except to us, cottage cheese isn’t so much ‘cheese’ as it is yogurt with lumps. Mmmmm lumpy yogurt. 🙂  And then of course breakfast just wouldn’t be breakfast without fruit, so then we drown it in a fruit compote et voila- a breakfast quesadilla!

Original Breakfast Quesadilla


Total time: 20min

Servings: 1

1 tsp. butter or margarine + 1/2 tsp. cinnamon

1 whole wheat flour tortilla


1-2 Tbsp almond butter (or nut butter of your choice)

1/3 cup plain cottage cheese

Fruit Compote:

3/4 c. frozen berries (or fruit of your choice)

2 Tbsp. water or fruit juice

2 tsp. corn starch (or other thickening agent)

Possible toppings:

Greek Yogurt



Maple syrup


Wisk cornstarch with water.  Add the water-cornstarch mixture and fruit to a pot and bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer and continue to cook until thickened.

Meanwhile, mix the cinnamon with the butter and spread onto one side of the tortilla, and spread the almond butter on the other side.  Heat a pan over medium heat, then place the tortilla, butter-side down, on the pan.  Spoon the cottage cheese over half the tortilla and fold. Allow the tortilla to brown on one side, about 3-5min, then flip brown the other side.  Transfer to a plate.

Pour fruit compote over the quesadilla, and top with desired toppings and a drizzle of maple syrup.