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Update #2: weeding and Kohlrabi!

So it’s been a while since we last updated you guys on what’s been going on with our veggie garden, and wow has it grown!  

Check out all that greenery!

You may notice that we also put some mulch down.  We were having a rather annoying problem- grass was growing all over our garden!  So Brittany and our brother Jordan spent a rainy afternoon or sibling bonding pulling grass out of the garden a couple weeks ago.  (What a good brother… :)) Then we put some mulch down to discourage any further grass growth- so far so good!

And here are some individual plant picks:

Giant zucchini plants


Squash Trying to take over the garden

The cucumber’s climbing!

Pak Choi

We think rabbits are getting into our Pak Choi, but we’re not really sure what to do about it… any suggestions?

Also, as you can see, our herbs are not looking so great… not really sure why, either:


We seem to have more trouble growing herbs each year than the rest of the garden!

As we mentioned in the title, we also have a new addition to our vegetable garden- Kohlrabi!

We were given this new vegetable, and we’re really excited about it, because it’s one we’ve never even tried before, let alone grow!  Hopefully it’ll grow well, it is a little late in the growing season to be planting something new.

Anyways, that’s all for now, next time we update you’ll probably get a look at our first harvest! 😀


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  1. Looking good girls!!!! Our rabbits are out of control this year….not sure what to do either. For herbs….make sure they are in full sun and don’t over-water….that seems to work for us 🙂 love your blog!! 🙂


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